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'''Machig Phug'''  (མ་གཅིག་ཕུག [[ma gcig phug]])
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[[Image:Machig Phug (Paro Taksang).jpg|thumb|256px|right|'''Machig Phug''']]
One of the nine sacred caves at [[Paro Taktsang]]. This is the cave where the great woman practitioner [[Machig Labdron]] ([[ma gcig lab sgron]] 1031-1129) meditated.  The cave is located above the ravine of the Shelkarchu waterfall.
Today there is a Lhakhang built round the cave which containins an image of [[Machig Labdron|Machig]], her foot print  and a drubchu. People visit here to practice [[Chod]].
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