Ngorchen Konchog Lhundrup

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Ngorchen Konchog Lhundrub was born in Sakya 1497. He entered the monastery at the age of 13, starting with his Buddhist studies. He received the Sakya Lamdre teachings by his main teachers as well as other Sutra and tantra teachings. After done many meditation retreats, he realized a very special Lamdre view called the non-differentiation of worldly existence and liberation. By this he was able to conduct his daily life in accordance with this philosophial view of reality, and all his activities were pure. Ngorchen Konchog Lhundrub maintained a strict Vinaya discipline, and was also a pure vegetarian.

At the age of 38 he became the tenth abbot of Ngor Ewam Choden monastery, and was the abbott for 24 years. During this time he bestowed the Lamdre teachings 35 times, as well as giving other instructions on Sutra and Tantra. He was also a very profilic writer. He passed away in 1557.

Main Teachers

  • Konchog Phel (dkon mchog 'phel)
  • Muchen Sangye Rinchen (mu chen sangs rgyas rin chen)
  • Salo Jampa'i Dorje (sa lo 'jam pa'i rdo rje)


  • snang gsum mdzes rgyan
  • rgyud gsum mdzes rgyan
  • 'jon shing mdzes rgyan
  • tshul gsum gsal byed
  • legs bshad gong ma'i dgongs rgyan
  • dgag len tshan pa'i rigs sngags