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[[bka' brgyud]] - Kagyü. The lineage of teachings brought to Tibet by Lord [[Marpa]], received from the [[dharmakaya buddha]] [[Vajradhara]] by the Indian siddha [[Tilopa]], [[Saraha]], and others. Transmitted by [[Naropa]] and [[Maitripa]] to the Tibetan translator [[Marpa]], the lineage was passed on to [[Milarepa]], [[Gampopa]], [[Karmapa]] and others. The main emphasis is on the ''path of means'' which is the [[Six Doctrines of Naropa]], and the [[path of liberation]] which is the [[Mahamudra]] instructions of [[Maitripa]] [RY]
[[grol lam]] - [[Path of liberation]]. 1) When related to the 'path of ripening' it refers to the practice of the oral instructions of one's personal vajra master. 2) When related to the ''path of means'' it refers to the practice of sustaining the natural state of mind; [[Mahamudra]] or [[Dzogchen]] [RY]
[[chos drug]] - [[Six Doctrines of Naropa]]. [[Tummo]], [[illusory body]], [[dream]], [[luminosity]], [[bardo]], and [[phowa]]. See also 'path of means' ([[thabs lam]]) [RY]
[[thabs dang shes rab]] - [[means and knowledge]]; Skt. [[prajna]] and [[upaya]]. [[Buddhahood]] is attained by uniting [[means and knowledge]]; in [[Mahayana]], [[compassion]] and [[emptiness]], [[relative bodhichitta]] and [[ultimate bodhichitta]]. In [[Vajrayana]], [[means and knowledge]] are the [[development stage]] and [[completion stage]]. According to the [[Kagyü]] schools, means refers specifically to the 'path of means,' the [[Six Doctrines of Naropa]] and knowledge to the '[[path of liberation]],' the actual practice of [[Mahamudra]]. According to [[Dzogchen]], '[[knowledge]]' is the view of [[primordial purity]], the [[Trekchö]] practice of realizing the heart of enlightenment in the [[present moment]], while '[[means]]' is the meditation of [[spontaneous presence]], the [[Tögal]] practice of exhausting [[defilement]]s and [[fixation]] through which the [[rainbow body]] is realized within one lifetime [RY]
*[[mchog gling rin po che]] - Chokling Rinpoche, there are two incarnation lineages. Kela (or Tsikey) Chokling and Neten Chokling, named after the two main monasteries of [[Chokgyur Lingpa]]. The second Kela Chokling was named [[Konchok Tenpey Gyaltsen]]. After his passing a Tulku was born who died at the early age of thirteen. This Tulku had two incarnations. One is the second son of [[Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche]], [[Mingyur Dewey Dorje]], who came to Nepal with his father. The other Tulku stays in Derge/Eastern Tibet. The second Neten Chokling´s name was [[Ngedon Drubpe Dorje]]. He was followed by [[Chokling Pema Gyurme]] who passed away in India. The present Neten Chokling is named [[Gyurme Dorje]] and was born in Bhutan. [tsd]
[[thabs lam na ro chos drug]] - ''path of means'' as the [[Six Doctrines of Naropa]] [RY]
[[yid rton rung ba'i thabs lam]] - trustworthy/ reliable method/[path of means] [IW]
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