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[[mngon byang lnga]] - SA [[mngon par byang chub]], 5 actualizations (lotus moon seat, syllables, mind signs, mandala, primordial wisdom deity), five factors of realization which is a method of [[bskyed rim]] ([[zla ba]] [[las byang]] [[chub pa]], [[nyi ma]] [[las byang]] [[chub pa]], [[sa bon]] [[las byang]] [[chub pa]], [[phyag mtshan]] [[las byang]] [[chub pa]], [[sku]] [[rdzogs pa]] [[las byang]] [[chub pa]], or (lotus seat, seed syllable, symbolic attributes, complete manifestation of the mandala of the Body, the deity of wisdom) [JV]
[[chos sku'i ye shes]] - dharmakaya wisdom, primordial wisdom of the dharmakaya [RY]
[[mched pa'i ye shes]] - awareness as a spread of light, increase of primordial wisdom, primordial wisdom of progress [JV]
[[nye bar thob pa'i]] - thoroughly realized primordial wisdom [JV]
*aka [[karma'i mkhen chen rin chen dar rgyas]]
[[nye bar thob pa'i ye shes]] - fully realized primordial wisdom [JV]
[[thob pa zhes bya ba'i ye shes]] - realized primordial wisdom [JV]
[[thob pa'i ye shes]] - realized primordial wisdom [JV]
[[snang ba'i ye shes]] - light of primordial wisdom, manifesting primordial wisdom [JV]
[[pra ba'i ye shes]] - subtle primordial wisdom [JV]
[[sprul sgyur]] - emanations, {ston nus} able to manifest, manifested [from the space of primordial wisdom], emanation, {'khor bcas} with their retinues [RY]
[[dbyings ye dbyer med]] - indivisibility of ultimate sphere and primordial wisdom [JV]
[['od gsal gzhi'i ye]] - primordial wisdom [JV]
[[yul rig pa'i ye shes]] - primordial wisdom which sees the objects [JV]
[[ye shes]] - knowledge, original wakefulness, gnosis, cognition, wisdom, primal awareness, pristine awareness, Primordial Awareness, [jnana]; pristine cognition. Innate wakefulness, intelligence, self-born awareness, primal awareness, wisdom, one of the {[[phar phyin bcu]]} the [[ten paramitas]], pristine awareness, ever-fresh awareness, exalted wisdom / body, intuition [intuitive wisdom], gnosis, wisdom mind, primal knowledge, jnana. Syn {[[ye gnas kyi shes pa]]}; 'wisdom', [primordial knowing, original cognition, wakefulness, awareness]. Innate wakefulness, Jnana, cognition, knowledge, divine wisdom, ever-fresh awareness, pristine awareness, exalted wisdom / body, primordial wisdom, intelligence, intuition [intuitive wisdom], gnosis, wisdom mind, primal knowledge, jnana, pristine cognition / awareness. Syn {[[ye gnas kyi shes pa]]} pristine wisdom, [or wisdom if otherwise qualified. i.e. mirror-like wisdom]. one of the {phar phyin bcu} the ten paramitas. primordial wisdom/wakefulness, Wisdom/Pristine wisdom [RY]
[[ye shes sgyu ma]] - illusory manifestation of wisdom (the unreal manifestation of the phenomena of existence whose real nature is primordial wisdom) [JV]
[[ye shes dbyings]] - sphere of primordial wisdom [RY]
[[ye shes dbyings]] - sphere of primordial wisdom, dimension of wisdom [JV]
[[ye shes sum ldan]] - endowed with the three wisdoms (ngo bo stong, rang bzhin gsal, thugs rje 'gags med), endowed with the three primordial wisdoms [JV]
[[ye shes sems dpa']] - primordial wisdom deity, dhyani bodhisattvas, wisdom deity [JV]
[[rang byung gi ye shes]] - self-existing wakefulness. self-originated primordial wisdom, self-existing basic intelligence, natural wisdom [RY]
[[rang bzhin lhun grub kyi ye shes stong gsal ye gdangs chen po]] - The primordial wisdom of spontaneous nature [RY]
[[rig pa ye shes]] - intrinsic awareness, primordial wisdom, insight-wisdom, awareness of primordial wisdom, wisdom of rigpa, 1 of phur pa bzhi [JV]
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