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(Source, Courtesy of [http://www.dharmafellowship.org/library/essays/prajnaparamita.htm])
#REDIRECT[[rdo la gser zhun gyi lung]]
Here is a list of the ensuing treatises in their historical sequence of composition:
The Six Mother texts:
*302 gathas - Ratnaguna-samucaya-gatha
*8,000 slokas - Astasahasrika
*10,000 slokas - Dasasahasrika
*18,000 slokas - Astadasasahasrika
*25,000 slokas - Pancavrimsatisahasrika
*100,000 slokas - Satasahasrika
The Ten Sibling texts:
*2,500 slokas - Suvikrantavikramipariprccha
*700 slokas - Saptasatika
*500 slokas - Pancasatika
*300 slokas - Trisatika (= Vajracchedika)
*150 slokas - Naya-sata-pancasatika
*25 slokas - Prajnahrdaya (Heart Sutra)
*1 syllable - Ekaksari
*50 slokas - Ardhasatika Kausika-prajnaparamita-tantra Svalpaksara-prajnaparamita-tantra.
The general consensus amongst scholars at the present time is that the initial 41 verses of the first Mother text, the Samucayagatha (Tib: [[sdud pa]]), constitutes the substance of the original Prajnaparamita-mulasutra; the root text from which all the 'expanded' (vaipulya) versions have sprung. However, as Conze explains,
"Unfortunately our present version of the ''Samcaya-gatha'' is not the original one. It has been tampered with in the eighth century when, under the Buddhist Pala dynasty, which then ruled [[Bihar]], the great expert on [[Prajnaparamita]], [[Haribhadra]], either rearranged the verses or, perhaps, only divided them into chapters."
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