Self-existing Wakefulness

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self-existing wakefulness (rang byung gi ye shes) - self-originated primordial wisdom, self-existing basic intelligence, natural wisdom [RY]

chos sku rang byung gi ye shes - self-existing wakefulness of dharmakaya [RY]

lta ba - View. A particular understanding and orientation based on studies of philosophy. In the context of Mahamudra and Trekcho, the view refers to the state of 'ordinary mind' or self-existing wakefulness free from any concept, even of philosophical insight [RY]

don dam byang chub kyi sems - Ultimate bodhichitta. Same as prajnaparamita, the unity of shamatha and vipashyana, self-existing wakefulness, etc [RY]

rang byung gi ye shes - self-existing wakefulness/ basic intelligence, the self-originated primordial/ natural wisdom [IW]

rang byung ye shes - self-originated primal awareness, self-refreshing pristine awareness, self-arising wisdom, self-existing wakefulness, self-originated wisdom [JV]

rang byung ye shes kyi sku - the form of self-existing wakefulness [RY]