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cho rigsfamily, race
chos can rang bzhin du gnas pa'i rigssee rang bzhin gnas rigs
chos can rang bzhin gnas pa'i rigsthe body of form consisting of the enlightened family in which the apparition of reality naturally abides
chos nyid kyi rigs pathe reasoning of the nature of things
chos nyid rang bzhin gnas pa'i rigsthe naturally present affinity of conditioned phenomena, enlightened family in which reality naturally abides. One of rang bzhin gnas pa'i rigs gnyis
chos rigs brgyud 'dzinholder of both Dharma and family line
cig car ba'i rigsinstantaneous type
cig car ba'i rigsInstantaneous type. The type of person who does not need to go through progressive stages on the path
ci rigs1) whatever is suitable, appropriate, as suitable, in a due order, as is fit, according to the circumstances. 2) all kinds, sorts. 3) a suitable number
ci rigs paappropriate
ci rigs parall kinds of
ci rigs pa yisI shall use whatever means are needed
ci rigs suappropriately, suitably
cung zad dpyad pa rigs shes kyi ngorwhen put under the slightest scrutiny of intelligent reasoning
'dab ldan rigs lngapadma mthong grol lam 'dab ldan rigs lnga the lotus which liberates on sight, also known as the petalled hat of the five families
dam pa'i rigs can dra lngaFive holy sages
dam pa'i rigs can dra ma lngaFive eminent beings; recipient of Any Yoga into this world
dam pa rigs brgyaHundred sacred aspects. The 42 peaceful and 58 wrathful deities
dam pa rigs brgyaHundred sacred aspects, the One Hundred Supreme Ones, zhi khro
dam pa rigs brgyaSupreme Hundred Families. Name of a sadhana text composed by Guru Rinpoche focused on the hundred peaceful and wrathful deities