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rigs mchog nyidsuperiority of the lineage; supremacy of the lineage
rigs mednon-lineage; without a lineage
rigs med pa la gnas paabiding in no lineage
rigs mi 'dra ba'i chosphenomena which are dissimilar types
'thad sgrub kyi rigs palogical reasoning; reasoning which establishes correctness; reaoning(s) of logical proof
rigs mi gcig pa'i chosphenomena which are not the same type
rigs mi mthunnon-concordant type; discordant type
rigs mi mthun pa'i chosphenomena which are discordant types
rigs mi mthun sel ba'i mtshan nyiddefinition which eliminates discordant types
rigs min gyisirrationally
rigs mthunconcordant type
rigs mthun gyi bag chagspredispositions of [perceptions of] similar type; predispositions of concordant type
rigs mthun paconcordant type
rigs mthun par snang ngoappearance as concordant types; appear as concordant types
rigs mthun rdzas tha daddifferent substantial entities of concordant types(LG)
rigs ngesone who is definite in a lineage(Gön-chok)
rigs nges paone who is definite in a lineage
rigs ngo'i lta baview in the face of a rational consciousness
rigs pareasoning; logic; proper; suitable; suitability
rigs pa canLogician
rigs pa dang ldan parsuitably; properly
rigs pa dang mi 'gal banot contradictory with reasoning
rigs pa drug cu paNāgārjuna"s Sixty Stanzas of Reasoning, P. 5225, vol. 95
rigs pa drug cu pa'i 'grel paCommentary on (Nāgārjuna's) "Sixty Stanzas of Reasoning" [by Candrakīrti (zla ba grags pa); P 5265, vol. 98]
rigs pa drug cu pa'i tshig le'ur byas paNāgārjuna"s Sixty Stanzas of Reasoning, P. 5225, vol. 95
'thas sgrub kyi rigs pareasoning which establishes correctness (?)
rigs pa la brten nasin dependence upon reasoning
rigs pa ltar snangpseudo/quasi/counterfeit reasoning
rigs pa ma yinnot suitable; unsuitable; improper; non-reasoning
rigs pa rjes su 'brangs pafollowers of reasoning
rigs pa yang dagcorrect reasoning
rigs pa'i dbang phyugLord of Reasoning; Dharmakīrti (chos grags)
rigs pa'i dgag byaobject of negation by reasoning(BJ 65.1)
rigs pa'i don la mkhas pawise with respect to the meaning/object of reasoning
rigs pa'i grags parenowned by reasoning
rigs pa'i grangsenumeration of the reasonings(BJ 71.4)
rigs pa'i grub byedreasoned proof{s}(BJ 8.2)
rigs pa'i mtshan nyidcharacter of reasoning
rigs pa'i rje su 'brang paFollowers of Reasoning
rigs pa'i rjes 'brangsFollowing Reasoning
rigs pa'i rjes su 'brangs pafollowers of reasoning
rigs pa'i sgo du maapproaches of reasoning
rigs pa'i sgo du ma nasthrough many doors of reasoning
rigs pa'i thigs pa zhes bya ba'i rab tu byed paDharmakīrti's Drop of Reasonings, P. 5711, vol. 130
rigs par bshad pa'i chossuitably explained doctrine/phenomenon
rigs pas 'phul gyis sgrub pa'i donmeaning established through the pressure of reasoning
rigs pas dpyad bzod paable to bear/withstsand analysis by reasoning
rigs pas dpyad mi bzod paunable to bear/withstand analysis by reasoning
rigs pas gnod padamaged by reasoning(N)
rigs pas grub pa'i rdzas yodsubstantial existent in the sense of being established by reasoning