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dpyad pa'i rigs shesanalytical rational cognition
dpyod pa'i rigs shescognition
drag rigsthe nobility
dri med rigs paflawless / faultless reasoning
dri za ba'i rigs canbelong to the class of 'scent-eaters'
'du shes kyi phung po'i rigs kyi chos lngathe fifteen aspects of the aggregate of conceptions
bgegs rigsnon-human beings; all varieties of obstructing spirits, harmful spirits
bgegs rigs stong phrag brgyad cu80,000 types of obstructers
gang du'ang ma nges pa'i rigsthe undetermined type / nature
gang 'dul rigs bzhifour classes of appropriate tamers [of beings]
gang rigs pawhatever is suitable / proper
gang rigswhichever is suitable
gangs chen mtsho rigs lngafive families of Buddha Immense Ocean
gang 'thad gang rigswhatever is appropriate / suitable
gang zag bdag med sgrub pa rnam bdun shing rta'i rigs pathe "sevenfold chariot reasoning" to prove the nonexistence of the personal identity
gang zag gi rigs dguthe nine types of individuals. rab kyi rab, rab kyi 'bring, rab kyi tha ma, and so forth; the nine types of individuals: rab kyi rab, rab kyi 'bring, rab kyi tha ma, and so forth
gar mkhan gyi rigsbrahmin family
gcig du bral gyi rigs pathe deductive formula that negates one or many self-entities of individuals
bha ga wAn pad ma'i 'od la sogs pad ma'i rigs bsam gyis mi khyab pa rnamsthe Bhagavan Padmaprabha and all the innumerable Tathagatas of the Padma family
gdol rigsoutcasts, caste of --; lowest castes, untouchables
gdon rigs bco brgyad[TRS 76-4]
gnas gtsang ma'i rigs kyi lhathe god of Suddhagasakayika, the Heaven of Pure Reaches
gnas rigs mthun pasimilar abode and class / type
gnyan rigs bco brgyad18 kinds of gnyan nad [depending on the part of the body where they occur R]
gnyen nye rigsfriends
'gog pa'i rigs pathe reasoning that refutes
'gro ba'i gnas rigs drug pothe 6 lokas of beings
'gro ba mi'i rigs rnamshumanity
'gro ba mi rigsmankind, human beings
'gro ba rigs bsdus padmyal ba yi dvags dud 'gro ste ngan song gsum dang, mi dang lha min lha ste mtho ris gsum dang bsdom pas rigs drug go Sentient beings can be included within the following six classes: the three lower states of hell beings, hungry ghosts, and animals added together with the three higher states of human beings, demigods, and gods.
'gro ba rigs drug1) the six classes of beings, six destines, six kinds of beings, lokas. [six realms]. see 'gro ba drug. 2) a creature of the six realms
'gro ba rigs drug gi sdug bsngal drugthe 6 kinds of suffering of beings of the 6 lokas
'gro ba rigs drugsix classes of beings. Gods, demigods, human beings, animals, hungry ghosts, and hell beings. lha, lha ma yin, mi, dud 'gro, yi dvags, dmyal ba
'gro ba rigs drugsix classes/ states of ordinary being(s)
'gro ba rigs drugsix kinds of ordinary beings; (beings of/ in) the six states (of ordinary being)
'gro ba rigs lnga5 classes of beings [(gods, humans, animals, tormented spirits, and denizens of hell)]
gsang chen rigs gcigSingle Family of the Great Secret. Sadhana text of Mahayoga composed by Padmasambhava
gsang chen rigs gcigthe single family of the great secret
gsung mchog pad ma'i rigsLotus family of supreme speech
gsung pad ma'i rigslotus family of speech, padma family of enlightened speech
gtan tshigs rigs palogic, art of reasoning
gtor bsngo nyer mkho'i rigsrequired torma rituals
gtsang gnas rigs lnga[TRS 26:6]
gu ru rigs druggurus of the six classes
gu ru rigs drugthe gurus of the six classes
gzhan rigs 'phen pa'i thal 'gyur bcu bzhi14 consequences that impell the minds/reasoning of others [R]
gzugs khams gnas rigs bcu bdun[TRS 26:4]
gzugs khams gnas rigs bcu drugSixteen Abodes of the Realms of Form
'jam dbyangs rigs bzhifour families of Manjushri
'jig rten pa'i rigs kyi dbang du byas na rgyal po'i rigs'jig rten las 'das pa'i rigs kyi dbang du byas na mi bskyod rdo rje'i rigs the vajra family