Spontaneous Presence

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Tib. - lhun grub

1) effortlessly naturally established; 2) spontaneous presence; 3) lhun grub dzong [IW]

1) spontaneous presence, One of the two main aspects of Dzogchen teaching, the other being 'primordial purity' (ka dag). 2) effortless/ spontaneous fulfillment; spontaneously self-perfected; effortless, spontaneously perfect / accomplished, spontaneously self-perfected, effortless manifestation, having everything without effort, inherent presence, inherently present, manifest effortlessly, natural achievement, natural spontaneity, naturally perfect, 3) one of the phrin las lnga the five activities, self-existing, spontaneous, wishfulfilling [RY]

county in 21th cent Tibet. [RY]

self-(perfected, formed, originated, existing, created), spontaneously (perfected, realized, present, perfect, accomplished, grown, produced), the given, immanently spontaneous, naturally perfect, 1 of 4 dam tshig, (being is nowhere but in being, always there, uncreated, uncontrived), spontaneous presence, wish-fulfilling, spontaneous, miraculously sprung or grown, formed all at once, not contrived by human labor, personal name, state of spontaneous perfection, 1 of ting 'dzin rnam bzhi, spontaneously accomplished, present, spontaneously self-perfected, effortlessly realized, spontaneous presence, self-perfection [JV]

lhun gyis grub pa spontaneous(ly accomplished/ present); spontaneous presence*; [isc.]] spontaneously ensured/ fulfilled [RB]

spontaneous presence [thd]

spontaneously present; spontaneous presence; to spontaneously exist [RY]