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Present: sbor CD, ND, DK, DS, TC. sbar (CD), DS.
Past: sbar CD, DS, TC. sbard ND, DK.
Future: sbar ND, DK, DS, TC.
Imperative: sbord ND, DK. sbor DS, TC.
Voluntary: DS, TC, (Hoshi 2003).
Transitive: DS, TC.
Causative of: 'bar CD, (Chang 1971: vii.4); (Beyer 1992: 116); (Gyurme 1992: 261)
Characteristic Example: me sogs ND.
Meaning: 1. To light, kindle, inflame. 2. To transfer, transfuse CD. To catch fire, to blaze, to be increased, to be enlarged DK. To set fire to flammable substances DS. To burn, set on fire TC.

see sbar