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Hello again Bj...well, this took a bit of figuring and utilizing the templates (I hope you don't mind my doing this as an example for you), but, as you may see now, no matter whether the search for Khenpo is made in an English-based search, Extended Wylie, OR in Tibetan Unicode...the categories have been made appropriate to each search. The result of the search regardless of the format it's entered in, will now link to and show the precious Khenpo's page. This is also in keeping with the standard of editing and posting which we're developing for this rather phenomenal work.

On the Main Page there's instructions and an invitation to join our Google Group(s) of RYWiki Developers, and another one for the RYWiki Editors Group. We discuss formating and use of templates and whatnot between editors/developers/contributors at these two groups. To subscribe to either or both, here's the links to send to:; and --Richard 21:15, 26 July 2008 (EDT)