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Terton (gter ston) - Treasure Revealer

A revealer of hidden treasures, concealed mainly by Guru Rinpoche and Yeshe Tsogyal. [RY]

The term "terton" refers to enlightened Buddhist masters that reveal hidden teachings and present them at a spiritually efficacious time. In particular, this term is used widely in the Nyingma tradition, where it refers to indivual who, in a previous life, were students of the master Padmasambhava and later reincarnated to spread teachings they received, but were then hidden since the time for their spreading had not yet come to pass.

In the Indian tradition, early precedents for this tradition can be found in figures like Nagarjuna, who revealed Prajnaparamita teachings that had been kept hidden in the realm of the Nagas.

Important Tertons

Other Names & Spellings

  • Treasure reavealer
  • Revealer of treasures