The Eighteen kind of spiritual treasures

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(gter rigs bco brgyad) (according to Tralek Tulku in Commentary on Khanshag Dorje Tholu):
1. gsan gter: secret treasures, which the Tertön will practice secretly for many years before telling anyone of its existence and spreading it to others.
2. zab gter: profound treasures, which contains profound pith instructions.
3. thugs gter: mind treasures, which arises in the Tertön's heart-mind.
4. dgong gter: wisdom-mind treasures, which surge from the Tertön's wisdom-mind, without there being a material support such as a Yellow Parchemin.
5. rdzas gter: material treasures-- blessed objects (phurba, vajra, etc..) or subtances.
6. bla gter: exalted /august treasures, intended to Kings, rulers, or important persons at a specific time for the sake of the country or of some major task.
7. gter phreng: minor treasures, such as longevity pills, small objects, etc..
8. gter smyon: crazy /extemporaneous treasures, which suddenly arise in someone's mind for a specific benefit to beings.
9. rgya gter: Indian treasures, found in India
10. bod gter: Tibetan treasures, found in Tibet.
11. rje gter: lordly treasures, related to King Trisong Detsen.
12. yab gter: father treasures, related to fater-tantras (or to Guru Rinpoche)
13. yum gter: mother treasures, related to mother-tantras (or to Yeshe Tsogyal)
14. ma ning gter ma: neuter treasures, related to the non-dual tantras
15. phyi gter: outer treasures, intended to all disciples in general
16. nang gter: inner treasures, intended to close disciples with pure samaya.
17. bar gter: intermediate treasures, intended to disciples in between the two former ones.
18. nor gter: treasures of wealth, which consist of material treasures. [MR]