The Four Regions in U and Tsang

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Initially the The Four Regions in U and Tsang were described as follows: In U (bdus) 1) Uru (dbu ru) all the regions on the left side of the Kyichu River first and then of the Tsangpo River after Chaksam, where the Kyichu River meets the Tsangpo. 2) Yoru (g.yo ru), the regions on the right sides of these two rivers. In Tsang (tsang) 3) Yeru (dyas ru), the Right Region (on the right side of the Tsangpo which come from Mt Kailash) and 4) Yönru (g.yon ru), the Left Region, on the left side of the Tsangpo. (this last region was also known as Rulag, ru lag). Later on they also became described as In U 1) Puri (spu ri phug mo che shel gyi brag phug) and 2) Gung-ru (gung ru). In "Tsang 3) Yeru (g.yas ru) and 4) Yönru (g.yon ru). For a discussion about this see the The Ocean-like Annals, part I, p.4. [MR]