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A Glossary of Buddhist People, Places, and Things

-The Terms by which They're Defined -- Not by which They Come to be Realized 'As They Are'.


Abandonment and realization (spangs rtogs). - A synonym for 'buddhahood' or 'enlightenment.' [RY]

Abhidana of the Samvara Tantra - a tantric text. [RY]

Abhidharma -(chos mngon pa)- 1) systematic teachings which analyze elements of experience and investigate the nature of existence, thus dispelling wrong views and establishing analytic insight. 2) One of the three parts of the Tripitaka, the Words of the Buddha, the essence of which is prajna, or discriminating knowledge. 3) Systematic teachings on metaphysics focusing on the training and developing of discriminating knowledge by analyzing elements of experience and investigating the nature of existing things. The chief commentaries on Abhidharma are the Abhidharma Kosha by Dignaga from the Hinayana perspective and the Abhidharma Samucchaya by Asanga from the Mahayana point of view. [RY]