Three Mandalas of Anu Yoga

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three mandalas of Anu Yoga (a nu'i dkyil 'khor gsum) - For the three mandalas of Anu [Yoga], the view is to establish distinctly that all ground phenomena are three mandalas:

  • 1) the unconstructed basis space of nonarising is the pure expansive sky of the consort Samantabhadri, also called 'the primordial mandala of isness.'
  • 2) This doesn't obstruct the subject, the great bliss that is luminously present as self-existing awareness, which is wisdom Samantabhadra, also called 'the natural mandala of spontaneous presence.'
  • 3) This basic space and wisdom as nondual is the Child of Great Bliss, also called 'the fundamental mandala of awakened mind.' [RY]