Tibetan sources for The Lotus-Born

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Tibetan Sources for The Lotus-Born:

Blue Annals by Gölo Shönnu Pal (?-1481), (‘gos lo gzhon nu dpal). Tibetan title: (deb ther sngon po).
Bright Crystal Mirror, a life story of Padmasambhava by Yeshe Tsogyal from the Lama Gongdü cycle of termas revealed by Sangye Lingpa. 81 pages. Tibetan title: (bla ma dgongs pa ‘dus pa las, yid ches shing khungs btsun pa’i lo rgyus shel gyi me long gsal ba).
Clarifying the True Meaning by Tsele Natsok Rangdröl (b. 1608). Replies to 18 questions in 95 pages. Tibetan title: (slob dpon rin po che padma’i rnam thar chen mo las brtsam te dri ba’i lan nges don gsal byed).
Concise Chronicle by Orgyen Lingpa. Also known as Kathang Düpa. 16 chapter + predictions, 38 small pages. Tibetan title: (o rgyan padma’i bka’ thang bsdus pa). Written down by Vairotsana and later revealed from a terma treasure by Orgyen Lingpa at Samye Chimphu. Translated by Erik Pema Kunsang in an unpublished manuscript using a print from woodblocks kept at Thodung Gompa in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal.
Crystal Cave Chronicles by Orgyen Lingpa. Also known as Kathang Sheldragma. See Padma Kathang.
Deep and Vast Chronicles revealed by an unknown Bönpo tertön. Tibetan title: (bka’ thang zab rgyas). Its four volumes makes it the most extensive version of Guru Rinpoche’s life story. Ven. Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche mentioned to have read it when a child and was amazed by its richness of detail. This scripture is yet to appear outside Tibet.
Dispelling the Darkness of Mind, Namthar Yikyi Münsel by Sogdokpa Lodrö Gyaltsen (b. 1552). 255 pages. Tibetan title: (slob dpon sangs rgyas gnyis pa padma ‘byung gnas kyi rnam par thar pa yid kyi mun sel). Published in India by His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche. An English translation is under preparation by Anila Jinpa Palmo.
Drum of the Gods by Gyurmey Tsewang Chogdrub of Kathog (18th Century) (ka thog ‘gyur med tshe dbang mchog grub). Two volumes. Detailed history of the Nyingma Tantras: How the teachers of the three kayas appeared, how the Buddhadharma appeared in this world, the translation of the tantras into Tibetan, a catalogue of the Nyingma Gyübum, and the benefits of republishing these tantras. Tibetan title: (bde bar gshegs pa’i bstan pa thams cad kyi snying po rig pa ‘dzin pa’i sde snod rdo rje theg pa snga ‘gyur rgyud ‘bum rin po che’i rtogs pa brjod pa lha’i rnga bo che lta bu’i gtam). This major work forms the last volumes of the Nyingma Gyübum published by His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.
Encyclopedia of Knowledge by Jamgön Kongtrül Lodrö Thaye (1813-1899). 3 volumes. His auto-commentary on the famous Treasury of Knowledge (shes bya mdzod), a literary work of amazing scope and depth. A translation of this work was initiated by the Very Venerable Kalu Rinpoche. Tibetan title: (shes bya kun la khyab pa’i gzhung lugs nyung ngu’i tshig gis rnam par ‘grol bar legs bshad yongs ‘dus shes bya mtha’ yas pa’i rgya mtsho). Published by His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, New Delhi.
Essence of Accomplishment by Mipham Jampal Gyepey Dorje (1846-1912). A most wonderful explanation of the general meaning of the Eight Sadhana Teachings, combining the teachings transmitted through Garab Dorje, King Jah, Vimalamitra, Padmasambhava, Vairochana and Namkhai Nyingpo. Tibetan title: (dpal sgrub pa chen po bka’ brgyad kyi spyi don rnam par bshad pa dngos grub snying po.)Published by His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche in the Collected Works of Mipham Rinpoche.
Five Chronicles by Orgyen Lingpa (1329-1367). Also known as the Five Chronicles. Five sections in 853 pages. Tibetan title: (bka’ thang sde lnga.)The Five Chronicles of Gods and Demons, the King, the Ministers, the Queens, and of the Panditas and Translators. Recently republished by the Government of His Holiness Dalai Lama in Dharamsala.
Flawless Adornment, a life story of Padmasambhava by Samten Lingpa, Taksham Nüden Dorje (b. 1655). Tibetan title: (o rgyan gu ru padma ‘byung gnas zhes bya ba’i rnam thar bcu gnyis dri ma med pa’i rgyan zhes bya ba jo mo mtsho rgyal dang bai ro tsan na gnyis kyi mdzad pa.)
Garland of Precious Jewels, the History of the Heart Essence of the Dakinis. The history of the transmission of the Dzogchen teachings to Tibet by Padmasambhava and their subsequent concealment as terma treasures. Tibetan title: (mkha’ ‘gro snying thig gi lo rgyus rin po che’i phreng ba.) Vol. 2 of the Khandro Nyingtig. Belongs to the Nyingtig Yabshi collection.
Golden Garland Chronicles by Drodül Sangye Lingpa (1340-1396). Also known as Kathang Sertreng. 117 chapters, 727 pages with tiny script. With its alternating poetry and prose, this delightful biography of Padmasambhava has for centuries been and still is a contribution of major importance to Tibetan Buddhist literature. Tibetan title: (u rgyan gu ru padma ‘byung gnas kyi rnam thar rgyas pa gser gyi phreng ba thar lam gsal byed). (padma bka’i thang yig). Written down by Yeshe Tsogyal who concealed it as a terma treasure for the benefit of people in the future. Revealed from a treasure in the Crystal Cave of Puri Phugmoche (pu ri phug mo che shel gyi brag phug) by Sangye Lingpa (1340-1396). Republished by His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche, Kalimpong, 1970. Excerpts from this version was included by Evans-Wentz in The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation.
Golden Garland, a life story of Padmasambhava by Ratna Lingpa. 327 pages. Tibetan title: (o rgyan gu ru padma ‘byung gnas kyi rnam thar gser gyi phreng ba). Included in his collection of termas published by Ven. Taklung Tsetrül Rinpoche. This version is quite similar in length and content to the Sanglingma Life Story revealed by Nyang Ral Nyima Oser.
Great History of Nyingtig. Tibetan title: (rdzogs pa chen po snying thig gi lo rgyus chen mo). Part of the Vima Nyingtig within the Nyingtig Yabshi. Explains the transmission of the Instruction Section of the Great Perfection from Buddha Samantabhadra, through the Indian vidyadhara masters, to Vimalamitra and the Tibetan lineage holders, until reaching Longchen Rabjam and the third Karmapa, Rangjung Dorje.
Great Replica by the chief disciples of Vairochana. The detailed life story of the great translator Vairochana and the transmission of the Dzogchen teachings through the buddhas and vidyadharas. Tibetan title: (rje btsun thams chad mkhyen pa vai ro tsa na’i rnam thar ‘dra ‘bag chen mo). Published by Khochen Tulku, Dehra Dun, India. Translated by Anila Jinpa Palmo and yet unpublished.
Historical Origin of the Teachings of the Assemblage of Sugatas. A terma scripture revealed by Nyang Ral Nyima Oser. 41 pages. Tibetan title: (bde gshegs ‘dus pa’i bka’i byung tshul). Published by H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche in the first volume of the Eight Sadhana Teachings of the Dharma Cycle of the Assemblage of Sugatas (bka’ brgyad bde gshegs ‘dus pa’i chos skor). This scripture is the detailed account of how the Eight Sadhana Teachings were transmitted from Buddha Samantabhadra to Dharmevajra, the dakini Leykyi Wangmo, the eight Indian Vidyadharas and Padmasambhava, and then to the eight Tibetan disciples. Also included is a detailed list of the tantras received by the vidyadharas and the scriptures contained in the Assemblage of Sugatas.
History, Meditation and Benefits of the Supplication in Seven Chapters by Karma Chagmey (kar-ma chags med ra ga a sya) (1613-1678). 78 hand-written manuscript pages. Tibetan title: (gsol ‘debs le’u bdun pa’i lo rgyus dmigs rim phan yon dang bcas pa). An explanation on the seven famous supplications to Guru Rinpoche revealed by the hermit Sangpo Drakpa (ri khrod pa bzang po grags pa) and given to the great tertön Rigdzin Gödem. The daily practice of the these supplications embody the entire life-story of Padmasambhava, all his lineages of transmission and all the levels of his teaching.
Honey from the Center of the Flower, a Dharma History by Nyang Ral Nyima Oser (1124-1192). 459 pages. Published by VGH Wissenschaftverlag, 1985. Tibetan title: (chos ‘byung me tog snying po sbrang rtsi’i bcud). One of the oldest historical narrations of the transmission of Buddhism to Tibet, with special emphasis on the life and teachings of Padmasambhava. Two additional versions of this scripture were published by Lama Tenpa by the order of His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse.
Illuminating Sunlight, a Dharma History by Longchen Rabjam (1308-1363/4). Two volumes. Tibetan title: (chos ‘byung rin po che’i gter mdzod thub bstan gsal bar byed pa’i nyi ‘od). The author quotes his name as being Gyalsey Thugchok Tsal (rgyal sras thugs mchog rtsal). Published by His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse, New Delhi.
Immaculate Legacy. 163 pages. Tibetan title: (sprul sku mnga’ bdag chen po’i skyes rabs rnam thar dri ma med pa’i bka’ rgya can). Narration of fifteen former lives of Nyang Ral Nyima Oser spoken to his chief disciples and written down by Migyur Dorje, a yogi from central Tibet. These fifteen incarnations include King Trisong Deutsen, a son of the god Indra named Prince Boundless Radiance, the Tibetan king Ralpachen, the Indian prince Chöden, the Indian prince Mahayana, a prince in Uddiyana named Dharma Shvadha, the Nepalese prince Dharmaraja, Prince Udarphala in the country of Singala, Prince Enang-O in Lower Dokham, the Indian prince Dharimuka, Adharipa in the country of Li, Shvadha Garpa in China, Rinchen Jungney in the district of Latö Burang, Prince Singha Shri in the country of Zahor, Prince Purna Tri to the east of Bodhgaya, and finally the great tertön master Nyang Ral Nyima Oser.
Immaculate White Lotus, a life story of Padmasambhava by the female tertön Sera Khandro Dekyong Wangmo. 20 pages of beautiful devotional poetry. Tibetan title: (chos nyid mkha’ ‘gro’i gsang mdzod las: o rgyan rnam thar dri med padma dkar po). Almost identical to Pagsam Jönshing revealed by Chokgyur Lingpa.
Liberating History of the Great Stupa Jarung Khashor by Lhatsün Ngönmo (gter ston lha btsun sngon mo), (lha dbang rgya mtsho blo gros). 59 pages. Tibetan title: (mchod rten chen po bya rung kha shor gyi lo rgyus thos pas grol ba). Published recently in India. Translated by Keith Dowman as The Legend of the Great Stupa, Dharma Publishing, Berkeley.
Life Story of Dorje Dröllo by Taksham Nüden Dorje. Tibetan title: (bla ma rdo rje gro lod kyi rnam thar). A life story of Padmasambhava focusing on the esoteric meaning of his wrathful manifestation as Dorje Dröllo.
Life Story of Padmasambhava by Jamgön Kongtrül Lodrö Thaye (1813-1899). A Short Biography of Guru Rinpoche extracted from The Precious Garland of Lapis Lazuli, an explanation of termas and a collection of life stories of the 108 main tertöns written by Jamgön Kongtrül the First and found in Vol I of his Rinchen Terdzö. Tibetan title: (zab mo’i gter dang gter ston grub thob ji ltar byon pa’i lo rgyus rin po che bai dur-ya’i phreng ba). An English translation of this extract is included in Dakini Teachings, Shambhala Publications, 1990.
Life Story of Vairochana by Jamgön Kongtrül Lodrö Thaye (1813-1899). 71 pages. Tibetan title: (vai ro rnam thar padma’i dga’ tshal). Short terma in poetic verse form. Included by His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse in the Rinchen Terdzö.
Life Story Yeshe Tsogyal by Namkhai Nyingpo. Tibetan title: (bod kyi jo mo ye shes mtsho rgyal gyi mdzad tshul rnam par thar pa gab pa mngon byung rgyud mang dri za’i glu phreng). Woodblock of the manuscript available at Sangdog Palri Temple in Kalimpong, India. Recently translated by Tarthang Tulku as Mother of Knowledge, Dharma Publishing, and by Keith Dowman as Sky Dancer, Rutledge and Kegan Paul.
Narration of the Precious Revelation of the Terma Treasures by Longchen Rabjam. The historical background for the Khandro Nyingtig. 100 pages. Vol. OM of the mkha’ ‘gro yang tig. Tibetan title: (gter ‘byung rin po che’i lo rgyus). In this work the Sanglingma is quoted at great length. This history also includes the Dzogchen lineage of Padmasambhava from Buddha Samantabhadra to Shri Singha, his transmission of the Dzogchen teachings to the close disciples headed by Yeshe Tsogyal.
Nyingma Chöjung by His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche. Tibetan title: (bod snga rabs pa rnying ma’i chos ‘byung lha dbang g.yul las rgyal ba’i rnga bo che’i sgra dbyangs). A translation of this important historical work has been completed by Dr. Gyurme Dorje and Matthew Kapstein under the title: The Nyingma School, its History and Fundamentals, Wisdom Publications.
Ocean of Perfect Wonders, a life story of Padmasambhava by Guru Tashi Tobgyal also known as Jangdag Karma Guru Chögyal Wangpo (1550-1602). 719 pages in 19 chapters. Tibetan title: (rig ‘dzin grub pa’i dbang phyug chen po padma ‘byung gnas kyi rnam par thar pa ngo mtshar phun sum tshogs pa’i rgya mtsho zhes bya ba ‘gro ba rang grol). Published by Sherab Gyaltsen Lama, Gangtok, Sikkim, 1976. This detailed version of Padmakara’s life story is not a terma but a condensation of many other termas and biographies. In the colophon he mentions the following: The Ocean of Sindhura, the Longer and Shorter Chronicles of Ngadag Nyang, the Eleven Deeds of Padmakara by Guru Chöwang (1212-1270), the Chronicles of Sangye Lingpa (1340-1396), Dorje Lingpa (1346-1405), Ratna Lingpa (1403-1478) and Orgyen Lingpa (1329-1367 or 1329-1360), the Longer and Shorter Nub Edition by Nubtön and Nub Gyalseypa, the Namthar Thorbuba written by Pema Lingpa (1445/50-1521), and the Secret Life Story of Guru Rinpoche written by Yeshe Tsogyal.
Ocean of Wondrous Sayings to Delight the Learned Ones. A Dharma History by Guru Tashi Tobgyal, Jangdag Tashi Tobgyal (1550-1602). Five volumes. Tibetan title: (bstan pa’i snying po gsang chen snga ‘gyur nges don zab mo’i chos kyi ‘yung ba gsal bar byed pa’i legs bshad mkhas pa dga’ byed ngo mtshar gtam gyi rol mtsho). Published by His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse, New Delhi, India. An immensely detailed history of the transmission of the teachings in the Nyingma School.
Padma Kathang by Orgyen Lingpa. Tibetan title: (o rgyan gu ru padma ‘byung gnas kyi skyes rabs ran par that pa rgyas pa bkod pa padma bka’i thang yig). Long version in poetry, 108 chapters in 721 pages. Revealed in the Crystal Cave of Yarlung in central Tibet and therefore also known as Namthar Sheldragma, The Crystal Cave Biography. Originally translated into French by Toussaint, G.-C. as Le Dict de Padma (Padma Thang Yig MS. de Lithang). Paris: 1933. Later re-translated in to English by Kenneth Douglas and Gwendolyn M. Bays, published by Tarthang Tulku as The Life and Liberation of Padmasambhava.
Pond of White Lotus Flowers by Shechen Gyaltsab Pema Namgyal. 527 pages. A major historical work on the Eight Chariots of the Practice Lineage with predominant emphasis on the Nyingma School. Tibetan title: (snga ‘gyur rdo rje’i theg pa gtso bor gyur pa’i sgrub brgyud shing rta brgyad kyi byung ba brjod pa’i gtam rdor bsdus legs bshad padma dkar po’i rdzing bu). Published by His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse, New Delhi, India.
Radiant Mirror, a life story of Padmasambhava by Pema Lingpa (1450-1521). Tibetan title: (u rgyan slob dpon padma ‘byung gnas kyi ‘khrungs rabs chen mo zhes bya ba sangs rgyas bstan pa’i byung khung mun sel sgron me las rnam thar don gsal me long). A terma text in two volumes revealed at Samye by Pema Lingpa. Gangtok, 1977.
Red Annals by Kunga Dorje (1309-1364), (tshal pa si tu kun dga’ rdo rje). Tibetan title: (deb ther dmar po).
Sanglingma Life Story by Nyang Ral Nyima Oser (1124-1192). The first known terma biography; 41 chapters, 202 pages. Tibetan title: (slob dpon padma ‘byung gnas kyi skyes rabs chos ‘byung nor bu’i phreng ba, rnam thar zangs gling ma’o). Included by Jamgön Kongtrül the First in the Rinchen Terdzö. The Sanglingma exists also in a longer version of 286 pages. This version, also revealed by Lord Nyang, is so far unpublished but is found at the National Archives, Kathmandu, Nepal. Tibetan title: (u rgyan gu ru padma ‘byung gnas kyi rnam thar ‘bring po zangs gling mar grags pa). The Sanglingma is also present in an extensive two volume version which was banned in Central Tibet due to some clear and damaging predictions about certain ministers’ involvement in the decline of Buddhism in Tibet in the twentieth century. This version, 1260 pages, was found in the Mustang region of Nepal and is also available at the National Archives, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Threefold Confidence, a life story of Padmasambhava by Taranatha according to Indian sources. Tibetan title: (slob dpon padma’i rnam thar rgya gar lugs yid ches gsum ldan). Included by Jamgön Kongtrül in the Rinchen Terdzö, Vol. KA.
Vajra Necklace, a life story of Padmasambhava by Jamgön Kongtrül Lodrö Thaye (1813-1899). 24 pages. Tibetan title: (gu ru’i rnam thar rdo rje’i rgyan phreng). Short terma in poetry. Included by His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse in the Rinchen Terdzö.
White Lotus Flower by Mipham Jampal Gyepey Dorje. Tibetan title: (padma dkar po). An explanation of the famous Seven Line Supplication to Padmasambhava. Published by Taklung Tsetrül Rinpoche, Darjeeling, India.
Wishfulfilling Tree, Pagsam Jönshing by Chokgyur Lingpa. Tibetan title: (rnam thar dpag bsam ljon shing). Included in the Chokling Tersar collection of rediscovered treasures. Translated by Keith Dowman (and Tulku Pema Wangyal, Taklung Tsetrül Rinpoche); in The Legend of the Great Stupa, Dharma Publishing.