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[[thugs dam]] - 1) (h) for samaya. {[[thugs kyi dam bca']]} spiritual pledge, vow, commitment. 2) (h) for experience and realization. 3) (h) for {[[yi dam]]} practice, meditation, meditative commitment.4) [daily] practice, sadhana, practice object, realization. Syn {[[thugs kyi dam tshig]]}daily practice; personal practice, spiritual practice; sacred bond [RY]
The [[Absolute Truth]] & the [[Relative truth]]
[[dam]] - samaya, connection; strict, firm, stable, uptight, tense, tight; - Syn {[[dam bca']] - Syn {[[dam tshig]]}; 1) interrogative particle used after final 'd'. 2) 'or' particle used after the final 'd'. 3) a solemn promise, vow, oath, confirmation by oath, to promise, the act of promising, the promise. 4) strict, firm, stable, uptight, tense, tight, - Syn {[[dam bca']]} Syn {[[dam tshig]]} 5) the brown bear [RY]
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