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Welcome translators, assistants to the lotsavas of our times, and you who are involved in helping the Dharma's journey from the Tibetan language to the West.
#REDIRECT [[Sachen Kunga Nyingpo]]
This website is yours.
The spirit in which it was created is simple: we give and we benefit from each other's generosity.
The ethics are simple as well: mutual respect and civility.
We aim at honoring our various lineages of Dharma transmission by staying true to the original teachings and at the same time finding various ways to express the meaning of these teachings in the differents contexts of life.
These varieties will be reflected in this online '''Dictionary of Usage'''.
In addition, we can offer eachother the knowledge and insights we have gained from our various teachers and lineages to be shared in the Dharmapedia's English-based pages.
Please enjoy them and enjoy sharing them.
Erik Pema Kunsang<br>
Please proceed to [[Editing Instructions]]

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