a rag

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mare liquor, wine, alcoholic drink, liquor, spirits, arrack, spirit, brandy, arrack, usual barley-brandy [JV]

arrack, liquor, alcoholic drink [IW]

liquor, arrack, brandy, wine, alcoholic drink; wine, liquor, alcoholic drink, moonshine [RY]

1) alcohol, liquor; 2) alcoholic drinks, alcoholic beverages. Originally from Arabic عَرَق‎ (ʿaraq, 'perspiration'), this loanword is also found in Malaysian and Indonesian Malay (arak), Portuguese (áraque) and even sometimes in English (arrack, araq), where as in Tibetan it means alcoholic beverages generally, or else more specifically an alcoholic beverage usually made from fermenting rice or rice wine, often aniseed-flavored, which is clear, usually unsweetened and consumed primarily in the Middle East. In modern Tibetan a rag usually refers to alcohol in general, but in particular "hard alcohols" such as whiskey or rum. It is typically used less as a description for beer or chang. Erick Tsiknopoulos