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(Import from RyDic2003)
(Import from RyDic2003)
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habitual tendency, karmic traces, karmic residues, unconscious propensities, [vasana]; disposition, habit energy, thought, habit formation, habit thought dormant, potential tendency, habitual pattern, habitual propensity, habitual sleep, habitual tendency, impression, imprint, inclination, inherent tendency, inveterate tendency, karmic impression, karmic imprint, karmic propensities, habitual tendencies, imprints, predispositions; karmic traces, latency, latent predisposition, latent tendency, latent, dormant, mental imprint, negative psychic imprint, potency, potential tendency, potentiality, predisposition, propensity, propensities, sediment of impressions. Syn [[nus pa]] habitual patterning [RY]
bad habits [RY]
instinct [RY]
habitual tendency [thd]
trace, propensity, latency [ggd] [RY]
vasana, karmic (traces, residues, impressions), unconscious (inclinations, dispositions, habituations, propensities, tendencies, predispositions), past experiences, experience potentialities, (inveterate, habitual, basic, unconscious) tendencies, experiential traces, habitual working of ignorance, experientially initiated potentialities of experience, (includes both input and feedback, almost sa bon, not the thing initiated), habit patterns, latencies, habit, instinct, tendential imprints, tendential impressions, ingrained predispositions, latent inclinations, stubborn habits, latent inclinations, habitual pattern, habitual tendencies, karmic tendencies [JV]
habit(ual) pattern(ing) [RB]
Habitual tendencies. Subtle inclinations imprinted in the all-ground consciousness [RY]
habitual pattern, vasana * inclination, propensity, tendency [IW]
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bad habits [RY]