bdud bzhi

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the four maras [klesha mara, skandha mara, mrityu (lord of death) mara nyon mongs pa'i bdud dang, phung po'i bdud, 'chi bdag gi bdud, devaputra (son of the gods) lha'i bu yi bdud] [IW]

Four Demons, Four Maras. Lord of Death, Godly Son, Klesha and Skandha [RY]

4 devils ('chi bdag bdud, lha bu bdud, phung po bdud, nyon mongs bdud), four hindrances to spiritual realization, four demons (nyon mongs pa'i bdud, phung po'i bdud, 'chi bdag gi bdud, lha'i bu'i bdud) [JV]

[TRS 61-2] acc. to gcod; expl; [TRS 61-3]; the four maras. 1) phung po bdud demon of the aggregates. the demon of the aggregates, nyon mongs pa'i bdud, the demon of the emotional disturbances, 'chi bdag gi bdud, the demon of the Lord of Death, lha'i bu'i bdud the demon of the godly son] [RY]

the four maras [IW]