bkra shis lhun po

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seat of the Panchen Lama, Gelukpa Monastery [RY]

seat of panchen lama, heaps of glory, auspicious events or things, monastery near shigatse [JV]

Tashi Lhunpo; founded in 1447 by Gend�n Drub (dge 'dun grub, 1391-1475), Tsongkhapa's nephew and disciple. He was retroactively designated as the first Dalai Lama and his relics were preserved in a stupa at Tashi Lhunpo. Tashi Lhunpo, which housed up to four thousand monks, is the seat of the Panchen Lamas. [MR] [RY]

Tashi Lhunpo monastery [IW]

Tashi Lhunpo [Large Geluk monestary in Tsang in the 8th fire rabbit year founded by 1st Dalai Lama dge 'dun grub. rje blo bzang chos rgyan nas bzung it was the seat of the Panchen Lamas] [IW]

1) Lucky Mound. 2) Tashi Lhunpo. 3) the seat of Panchen Lama in Tsang, built in 1447 by the first Dalai Lama [RY]

Tashi Lhunpo (seat of the Tashi lamas, founded in 1447 AD by dge 'dun grub 1391-1474 AD) [RY]

Tashi Lhunpo, in Tsang [RY]