bod skad

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tibetan language, Tibetan language. (JV)

Tibetan language. (RY)

TTn language [the people of the autonomous snowland of Tibet kyis brda la nye bar bkol ba'i skad de. skrun bcas kyi lo rgyus nang du byas rjes rtsa chen bzhag pa red. (IW)

TTn language [the people of the autonomous snowland of Tibet kyis brda la nye bar bkol ba'i skad de. In general of the nomads and rong [ravine/valley people, farmers] 'brog gnyis las, as for the nomad language, the upper lower and modle nomad sde are without distinction, sgra gdangs drag cing gyong nyams che la sngon gyi sgra sbyor gyi zur ma nyams par thon pa dang, zhing sde'i yul lung rnams su skad kyi khyad par sna tshogs yod pas gdangs 'don tshul sogs gcig tu ma nges, da char yongs grags su bod kyi yul gru upper, middle, and lower, depending on that are divided into the three classes of people living there, the language of the upper part, dbus, gtsang and, in the middle khams pa'i skad, below aa mdo'i skad. As for Tibtan Mongolian etc other minority peoples khag cig gis bed spyod gtong bzhin yod par ma zad, Nepal, Sikkim, and Bhutan kyi also bed spyod gtong bzhin yod shes rig lag rgyun also is abundant. As for occupations most are nomads and farmers, zhor du lag shes bzo las etc. The Tibetan people are industrious and rtul phod che ba, phyi'i btsan 'dzul la 'gog rgol dang, mes rgyal gcig gyur la 'tsho srung, mes rgyal bzo. (IW)