bsam gtan bzhi pa

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the fourth heaven of Gods in Concentration States is divided into. 1) sprin med 'od. 2) bsod nams skyes 3) 'bras bu che ba 4) - 8) gtsang ma lnga [RY]

4th dhyana [IW]

bsam gtan bzhi pa la brgyad yod pa'i, sprin med 'od bsod nams skyes 'bras bu che ba gsum dang, 'phags pa sha stag gi gnas yin pas gtsang ma lnga ni, mi che ba, mi gdung ba, shin tu mthong ba, gya nom snang ba, kun gyi steng na 'og min no [RY]

the 4th heaven of Gods in concentration states [IW]

4th dhyana [among the four dhyanas bsam gtan bzhi, haveing conveived of the bliss of the 3rd dhyana as a fault one has equanimity, in the 3rd dhyana bliss bde ba, dbugs 'byung rngub, incomplete samahi and so forth, antidote of abandoning'i limbs pa'i completely pure of the 8 faults 1 pointed samadhi bcas, dhyana having these four limbs: 1) dran pa [or is it dran pa that is pure? yongs su dag pa dang, 2) 'du byed btang snyoms yongs su dag pa dang, 3) phan yon gyi yan lag tshor ba btang snyoms dang, 4) gnas kyi] [IW]