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1) perfected, purified, purified, cleared, - away, cleansed, trained, accomplished. 2) signboard, inscription, manual, list. 3) north. a district in Tibet. 4) Syn byang bu [RY]

to cleanse [RY]

north, limpid clearness, purity, transmutation, north, cleanse, purify, skilled, well-versed, full of, clean, SA 'byong ba, 'byang ba, will be purified [JV]

1) N; 2) T's N nomad regions; 3) perfected; 4) [was] purified, cleared away, cleansed; 5) [was] well-versed trained, accomplished; 6) signboard, inscription, notice, placard; 7) manual, list; 8) ring mail [IW]