byas pa

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1) made, did, done, performed, created, said [p byed pa]; 2) work/ product/ result; 3) kind; 4) composite, created, creation; 5) action, activity; 6) else; 7) deeds actions; 8) made w/ of, possessing [IW]

(deliberately) created/ produced/ made; that which has been done [RB]

deliberate effort, deliberately produced [RY]

passive verb + byas pa - he who is (rec. that verb - beaten) [RY]

replied [RY]

were made by something, that is made, a produced thing, SA byed pa, done, doer, create, created, produced [JV]

a deed; composite, created, done, product, else, conscience. pf. of byed pa made, did, performed, created, said, creation, action, activity; pf. of byed pa; deeds [RY]

works, deeds, endeavors, compositions, creations, efforts, productions, actions [Erick Tsiknopoulos]