chos mngon pa

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Abhidharma, knowledge, 'actual things', metaphysics [RY]

abhidharma [undefiled prajna rjes 'brangs dang bcas pa &, manifesting that, the prajnas of hearing and contemplating etc. &, texts showing these, chiefly teaching the precepts of proper prajna, both bka' and commentaries, abhidharma, knowledge, 'actual things', metaphysics] [IW]

abhidharma [RY]

abhidharma knowledge, phenomenology [JV]

phenomenology [RY]

Abhidharma [RY]

Abhidharma. One of the three parts of the Tripitaka, the Words of the Buddha. Systematic teachings on metaphysics focusing on developing discriminating knowledge by analyzing elements of experience and investigating the nature of existing things [RY]