dge bsnyen gyi sdom pa

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vows of a lay devotee. 1) srog gcod pa song ba do not kill. 2) ma byin par len spong ba do not steal. 3) 'dod pas log par g.yem pa spong ba do not be sexually impure. 4) brdzun du smra ba spong ba do not lie. 5) myos par 'gyur ba'i btung ba spong ba do not become intoxicated [RY]

genyen vow [IW]

genyenvow [rang dge bsnyen gyi sdom par 'grub byed kyi rgyu phun sum tshogs pa la brten nas thob cing, dge bsnyen gyi sdom pa'i mi mthun phyogs su gyur pa'i spang bya ji srid 'tsho'i bar du spong bar khas blangs pa'i nges 'byung gi tshul khrims,... vows of a lay devotee/genynen ; 1) srog gcod pa song ba (pr tip ta-virti) = do not kill two ma byin par len spong ba (adatt d na-virati = do not steal 3) 'dod pas log par gyem pa spong ba (k mamithy c ra-virati = do not be sexually impure 4) brdzun du dmra spong ba (m v da-virati = do not lie 5) myos par 'gyur ba'i bdung ba spong ba (madyap_na-virati) = do not become intoxicated] [IW]