dge sbyong

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good results, buddhist ascetic, religious person, mendicant, ascetics, religious ascetic (includes dge tshul and dge slong) [JV]

shramanera [conquering kleshas and, pacifying the exhaustion of samsara sincere practitioner of the dge chos pratimoksha vow and discipline, liberation wishing renunciate, male or female monastic practitioner, monk, mendicant, shramanera, virtuous endeavor, 1 who has taken ordination vows wither [IW]

shramanera [IW]

Skt: Shramana. lit. "virtuous endeavor." A spiritual practitioner. Often has the connotation of an ascetic or mendicant. Also, monastic practitioner, monk, Buddhist monk; one who has taken ordination vows of either dge tshul or dge slong [RY]

monk, ascetic [IW]

1) spiritual adept, spiritual master; 2) spiritual renunciant, spiritual renunciate, spiritual ascetic, spiritual mendicant. See dge sbyong chen po, 'the Great Spiritual Adept] i.e. the Buddha. Erick Tsiknopoulos