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This is the RYI Dictionary content as presented on the site http://rywiki.tsadra.org/, which is being changed fundamentally and will become hard to use within the GoldenDict application. If you are using GoldenDict, please either download and import the rydic2003 file from DigitalTibetan (WayBack Machine version as the site was shut down in November 2021).

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explicit, actual, direct [RY]

actual, direct, explicit [thd]

1) reality, real, actual, incarnate, genuine, explicit, direct, concrete, to exist actually to have real existence, proper, fully, concreteness, manifest, ture, in person, reality, embodiment, concreteness, embodiment. 2) abbr. dngos po 3) ground luminosity, substance, thing. 4) has himself // true; the main; actuality; actual expression/ presence; actual, real [RY]

actuality; actual expression/ presence; isc. (logical) proposition/ assertion; tangible; true/ real/ actual; substance [RB]

sangs rgyas kun dngos - embodiment of all Buddhas [RY]

five meanings acc to Bodong: 1) actual, true [opp to btags pa ba metaphorical]. 2) principal, primary [opp to zhar secondary]. 3) explicit [clearly indicated by words and so forth, opp to shugs implicit]. 4) direct [without intermediary, opp to rgyud indirect]. 5) self [opp to gzhan other] [ggd] [RY]

material reality, real, actual, explicit, in person, original, reality, very self, proper, genuine, true, positive, chief, principal, concreteness [JV]

real[ity], [real] existence [-t]/ thing, matter, material, (objective entity, substance, substantiality, property, goods, given thing, perceivable entity serving as a base for cognition/ imputation, substance, substantial entity, functional/ effective thing, that which is able to perform a function, subject, category, that which corresponds to the meaning of a word, fact, phenomena, activity, being, essence, article (in a household, (conditioned entity, yod pa, ngo bo, nature, dgongs pa, meaning, solidity, impermanent thing, objects, Bhava, (8th year, male wood dog shing pho khyi, topic, exist[ent], ground luminosity, actual[ly][ity], incarnate, genuine, explicit, direct, proper, full, concrete[ness], manifest, the main [part], embodiment; 1) direct, in person, face to face unconcealed perception; 2) directly, not through another; 3) not made up/ false but true/ original, genuine [IW]

sangs rgyas dngos - the Buddha in person [RY]

the model [after which an imitation is made] [RY]