don mthun pa

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1) the same meaning/ object for different terms; 2) Bsdu ba'i nang gses shig ste gzhan rnams don gang la sbyar ba de la rang yang gnas nas de dang mthun par slob pa'o, agreement/ sameness/ compatibility in purpose, consistency (of words and deeds [IW]

consistent, consistency [of words and deeds], agreement in purpose; one of bsdu ba'i dngos po bzhi [RY]

merchants, men of one and the same avocation, beneficial conduct, assembly having a common interest, business men, common uniform interest, public weal, honest & pious merchant [JV]

agreement in purpose, consistency (of words and deeds), bsdu ba'i dngos po bzhi, a common object (for different terms) [IW]

consistency between words and deeds [RY]