dpal 'byor

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economics; grandeur/ wealth & glory; wealth wealthy, glory and riches, prosperity, wealth, prosperous, magnificent, prosperity, magnificent [RY]

wealthy dpal 'byor 'di lta bu dang ldan pa sngon bsod nams ci bsags pa'i mthu yin zhus pa asked about the previous merit that had empowered him to become so wealthy [RY]

economy, prosperity, magnificent, wealth, glory, effulgence, grandeur, strawberry, common personal name for men, economy [JV]

1) abundance and wealth, glory and riches, prosperity, prosperous; 2) magnificent; 3) economics thog la spyi tshogs kyi dngos po'i thon skyed and again thon skyed byed pa'i bya ba; 4) [common name] strawberry; 5) economy [IW]

grandeur nga rgyal gyis dpal 'byor 'joms pride conquered his grandeur [RY]