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1) dat -loc particle [after final ng, d, n, m, r, &; 2) to, at, on, in; 3) (comp +-- comparative; 4) how much/ many [each time]/ long; 4) Sol du 'khyud gsum gyi du ni ma 'ongs pa'i don [IW]

how many; 1) dat. -loc. particle [used after final ng, d, n, m, r, and. 2) to, at, on, in 3) [comp. adj. +--] conveys comparative 4) how much, how many, how long, how many each time? [RY]

into [RY]

weep, how many, how much, taste, woman of bad morals, at, unto, figure 71, SA ru [JV]

. . . du - in a(n) . . . manner [RB]