five hundred arhats

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"The five hundred Arhats, Uruvilvakashyapa, Gayakashyapa, Nadikashyapa, Kalodayin, Udayin, Aniruddha, Revata, Kapphina, Vakula, Cunda, Svagata, and others all will attain Anuttarasamyaksambodhi, all of them with the same name Universal-Brightness."

At that time the World Honored One, wishing to restate his meaning, spoke verses, saying:

The Bhikshu Kaundinya, Will see limitless Buddhas, And after Asankhyeya aeons, Will realize Equal Proper Enlightenment. Ever putting forth great light, Perfecting all spiritual powers, His name will be heard in the ten directions, And he shall be revered by all. He will always speak the Unsurpassed Path, And will therefore be called Universal-Brightness. His land will be pure, With courageous and heroic Bodhisattvas. All will mount wonderful towers, And roam through the ten direction lands, And supreme offerings They will present to all the Buddhas. Having made these offerings, With minds full of rejoicing, They will instantly return to their own lands, Such are the spiritual powers they will have. The lifespan of that Buddha will be sixty-thousand aeons, His Proper Dharma will dwell twice that long. The Dharma Image Age will be twice the length of that. When the Dharma is extinguished, the gods and people will mourn. These five hundred Bhikshus Shall in turn become Buddhas All by the name of Universal-Brightness. Each shall bestow predictions on his successors Saying, "After my extinction Such and such shall become a Buddha. The World in which he will teach Will be like mine today. The adnorments of his land And his spiritual powers, The host of Bodhisattvas and Sound Hearers, The Proper and Dharma Images Ages, The number of aeons in his lifespan, Will be as just stated. Kashyapa, you should know About these five hundred who have attained self-control. As for the remaining Sound Hearers, They shall be likewise. To those not present in this assembly, You should expound these matters.

At that time, the five hundred Arhats, having received predictions from the Buddha, jumped for joy.