gang zag

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(ordinary) individual [RB]

1) person, individual, man; 2) spiritual teacher, master; 3) accomplished hinayana practitioner; 4) pipe [smoking]; 5) mind [IW]

man, pudgala, individual, long straight tobacco pipe, that which becomes full and then undergoes decay, an animated being, corporeal being that is subject to decay, person, self, people, 1 of gnas pa dgu [JV]

pudgala 1) person, individual, man. 2) spiritual teacher / master. 3) accomplished Hinayana practitioner; individual ego or self; Def: gang Full (the mind is filled with passions); zag Fall down (because of passions beings fall down into samsara); person, (ordinary) individual; man, a person, individual, personality [RY]

person, individual, spiritual teacher, master, accomplished hinayana practitioner [pudgala basis of imputation the five skandhas or subset imputing mi, skyes bu, sems can gang de'i rgyud la skyon yon gnyis ka re zhig gang ba dang, re zhig zag pa ste 'jig par 'gyur ba syn: la skye ba, skyes bu, mthong ba po, bdag byed du 'jug pa po, byed pa po, tsor ba po, za ba po, shed bdag shed las skyes, shes pa po, sems can, srog slong ba po, gso ba] [IW]