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(Import from RyDic2003)
(Import from RyDic2003)
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to illuminate, elucidate [RY]
daughter of daksa, epithet of durga, SA tha skar [JV]
luminosity, translucency, radiance, clarity, vividness, lucent clarity, clear irradiance, lucency, illumination, effulgence, clearly visible instance, manifestation, be clear, bright, light, pure, visible to a great distance, conspicuous, apparent, intelligible, fully blown, copious in fullness, manifest, set aside, turned away, fame, to appear, natural clarity, reveals itself as, to illuminate, to visualize, luminous clarity, sometimes misspelling of bsal ba, to clearly know, to manifest as, to shine, cognizance, crystal-clear, brilliant, reflects [JV]
instance [RY]
individual; individuals [logic: vyakti]; comp with [[spyi]] [ggd] [RY]
Cognizance. The mind's inherent capacity for knowing [RY]
1) to appear, manifest; be clear, be apparent; appear clearly, be clearly evident. Longchenpa: Syn [[mngon du gyur ba]]2) clarity, cognizance, 3) instance, manifestation, 4) to illuminate, clarify, elucidate; 5) be brilliant; bright, clear, cognizant, awake, luminous; bright, distinct, ex [[nyi ma gsal ba]] brilliant sun. 6) to visualize, 7) clarity, luminosity, luminous clarity, 8) clarity, the second of the three [[nyams]] [RY]
1) Mngon par gyur pa,//bstan pa gsal ba,//gzhung du gsal ba,//gong gsal,//gsham gsal,//sems la mi gsal ba,//bden rdzun gsal bar byed pa,//phyi gsal nang gsal,//gser sa 'og tu yod na 'od nam mkhar gsal; 2) Sgrib med mngon pa,//sku dkyil gsal dvangs,//sgra sdeb gsal ba,//thugs dag cing rnyog med gsal ba,//skad cha gsal ba,//rig pa gsal ba,//yig ris gsal ba,//gzhung don gsal bar khong du chud pa,//gsal bar mngon pa,//gsal ston,//gsal rtogs,//sgra gsal la ma gsal zhig thos byung,//dpe cha gsal la ma gsal,//gsal la dvangs pa,//gsal la sing dag //blo rig gsal ba,//nyin mor byed pa'i snang ba ltar gsal ba,//yar ngo'i zla ba ltar je gsal, dbyar kha'i chu bo ltar je rgyas; 3) Bsgrub bya'i chos or thesis, eg, if by reason of being produced 1 establishes sound to be impermanent, impermanent is the "gsal ba"; 4) particular clear, bright, cognizant, awake, luminous, be clear/ distinct, visualize, illuminate, appear clearly, clarity, instance, instance, manifest[ation] [IW]
clarity; clear/ vivid; to clarify/ elucidate; to be clear; to be evident/ apparent); (to be) brilliant; lucidity; to be lucid [RB]
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daughter of daksa, epithet of durga, SA tha skar [JV]