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Prasenajit ko sa la'i rgyal po gsal rgyal Prasenajit, the king of Kosala [RY]

rgyal po gsal rgyal - King Prasenajit [RY]

rgyal po gsal rgyal [IW]

king prasenajit, son of king brahmadatta [JV]

King Prasenajit (Pāli: Pasenadi), an Aikṣvāka dynasty ruler of Kosala. Śrāvastī (Pāli: Sāvatthī) was his capital. He succeeded after Sanjaya Mahākosala. He was a prominent Upāsaka (lay follower) of Gautama Buddha, who built many Buddhist monasteries. Prasenajit studied in Taxila in his early life. He was the king of Kosala (modern Oudh or Awadh). His first queen was a Magadhan princess. His second queen was Vāsavakhattiyā, daughter of Mahānāma, a Sākya by a slave girl Nāgamundā. Though she was a slave girl not the original daughter of Mahanama. From this marriage, he had a son, Viḍūḍabha and a daughter Princess Vajira, whom he married to Ajātaśatru (Pāli: Ajātasattu). His third and chief queen was Mallika, daughter of the chief of garland-makers. Once, while he was away from his capital Śrāvastī, his minister Dīgha Chārāyana placed his son Viḍūḍabha on the throne. He went to Magadha to seek help from Ajātaśatru in order to regain his throne. But before being able to meet him, Pasenadi died of exposure outside the gates of Rājagṛha (Pāli: Rājagaha). He was succeeded by his son Vidudabha. The Puranas instead of Viḍūḍabha mention the name of Kṣudraka as his successor. He married his sister Kosala Devi to Bimbisara. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]