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This is the RYI Dictionary content as presented on the site, which is being changed fundamentally and will become hard to use within the GoldenDict application. If you are using GoldenDict, please either download and import the rydic2003 file from DigitalTibetan (WayBack Machine version as the site was shut down in November 2021).

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1) gold[en] [med.]; 3) [h] particle; 4) beg for gold or silver [IW]

gold, gold, fair, royal, celestial, precious, world, unchangeableness [JV]

golden (age); begging for gold. or silver [RY]

(med) Gold, Au (Drungtso 1999, Phrin Las 1987, Yeshi 2018). Synonyms : gser bya brun dmar po (Phrin Las 1987).
dzahaye khrim, alloy of red and yellow gold. ser po mchog sa le sbram, Best gold. ser po dmar mdangs can da lta khams gser, Red gold from the Kham region. ser skya da lta e gser, Gold produced at Chu-gsum county of Tibet. sngo mdangs can da lta sog gser, now mongolian gold (Phrin Las 1987).
A native element with low melting point and great malleability, this precious metal is one of the first minerals used by prehistoric cultures ( Johannes Schmidt (talk) 14:56, 26 November 2021 (UTC)