gtor ma

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offering, sacrificial objects, grain cakes, sacrificial objects including zhal zas and gshos bu, dough figure, sacrificial cake, cones made of rtsam pa mixed with butter, colored, and decorated in different ways according to the type of deity to which they are addressed, torma offering [JV]

dough offerings of various shapes and colors, torma [S. balingta- torma-offering, [ceremonially presented to deities or spiritual beings for diverse purposes connected w rites of service and attainment, strewing-oblation] [IW]

(offering of) oblation; donation [RB]

Torma. An implement used in tantric ceremonies. Can also refer to a food offering to protectors of the Dharma or unfortunate spirits [RY]

food torma [RY]

torma, balingta, torma-offering. [offering cakes ceremonially presented to deities or spiritual beings for diverse purposes connected with rites of service and attainment]. strewing-oblation, oblation; donation [RY]

torma; expl. of various types: About shrine torma, perpetual torma, captured torma, daily torma, occasional torma, and so forth, the Notes for the Development Stage by K�nkhyen Tenpey Nyima mention: The shrine torma (rten gtor) is visualized as the deity and kept for as long as it lasts as an object of offering. The perpetual torma (rtag gtor) which is kept for special durations, months and years, in the manner of shrine offering, can be of two types. The first is the sadhana torma (sgrub gtor), also called offering torma (mchod gtor), which is presented to the deities at the time of making offerings. The other is the mending torma (skang gtor) which is given in the manner of manifold sense-pleasures. The session torma (thun gtor), also called daily torma (rgyun gtor), is given occasionally as a present at the end of enjoining certain activities. The captured torma (gta' gtor) is kept until the activity is accomplished after which it is given so the activity is accomplished swiftly and with no delay. [EPK] [RY]

dough/ torma offerings [of various shapes and colors, SK balingta [R] [IW]

dough/ torma offerings [IW]

sculptured cake offering (baliṁta) [Erick Tsiknopoulos]