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1) lus khams; 2) form realms dhyana realms above Mt Meru in space, dvangs pa'i rang bzhin gyi realm of form, visible form element, 1 of the 18 Dhatus [IW]

1) the body; 2) form realms [IW]

Realm of Form; physiology [RY]

Realms of Form. Seventeen samsaric heavenly abodes consisting of the threefold four Dhyana Realms and the five Pure Abodes. A subtle divine state of samsaric existence between the desire realm and the formless realm, where sense of smell, sense of taste and sexual organs are absent. The beings there have bodies of light, long lives and no painful sensations. Unwholesome mental factors such as attachment cannot arise [RY]

the form realms [RY]

rupaloka, rupadhatu, world of pure form, form world plane, range of the material world [JV]