lcang lo can

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buddha field of Vajradhara [IW]

abode of kuvera or vaisravana, village in Tsang, place in ancient India [JV]

Braided; 1) pure land of Vajrapani. 2) [realm of Vajradhara, etc.], the buddhafield of Dorje Chang, buddhafield of drug pa rdo rje 'chang Syn 'og min. (RY)

Aṭakāvatī, Alakāvatī; the pure land of Vajrapāṇi and/or Vajradhāra (translation into English may be difficult due to the various meanings of aṭakā/alakā/lcang lo). Mahāvyutpatti: अटकावती (अलकावती) ॥ aṭakāvatī (alakāvatī) ॥ lcang lo can ॥ ལྕང་ལོ་ཅན་ [Erick Tsiknopoulos]