longs sku

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Enjoyment Body. sambhogakaya [complete enjoyment body]. Sambhogakaya, [sambhogakaya]; sambhogakaya [complete enjoyment body] [RY]

enjoyment body, samboghak ya [IW]

sambhogakaya, (-, perfect) enjoyment body, rich dimension, communicative (character of pattern, being), (authentic, existential) communication, (empathetic buddhahood, imaginative and affective appreciation of the significance of buddhahood, presential actuality or unceasingness of chos sku, enjoyment of being, founding stratum of engagement in a world horizon, founding stratum of meaningful engagement), instructive visionary being, being of consummate visionary enjoyment, dimension of the full richness of being, (primordial contact with total richness and all its satisfactions), enjoyment body, complete enjoyment body [JV]

sambhogakaya; dimension of the perfect enjoyment of the richness of being [RB]