ma gcig lab sgron

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Machik Labdron / Machig Labdrön / Machig Labdron

Machik Labdron: disciple of Phadama Sangye and founder of Chö. [IW]

The great female master who established the system of Chod (gcod) in Tibet, a system of practices based on Prajnaparamita. Consort and disciple of the Indian masters Phadampa Sangye (pha dam pa sangs rgyas) and Thöpa Bhadra (thod pa bha dra). Thöpa Bhadra was the father of her two sons and four daughters.

Machig Labdrön. (1031-1129). The great female master who set down the Chö practice, cutting through ego-clinging. Disciple and consort of the Indian master Phadampa Sangye. Machig Labdrön means 'Only Mother Lamp of Dharma.' epk

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