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1) hole; 2) eye, eye, sight, vision, visual [lta byed dang - 'dren byed dam, snang ba'i dbang po [/sha'i mig rnon po,//blo mig //zur mig //kha bas mig 'phyid pa,//mig gyas gyon 'phrig pa,//lta ba mig gis mi bzod pa,/a'grems ston khang nang la slebs dus mig gis lta tshod 'di tshod med pa,//syn: khyab byed dang, mthong byed, snang byed, spyan, tsaksha, gzigs byed, gsal byed, lha'i sgron ma] [IW]

1) hole; 2) eye, sight, vision, visual [IW]

eye [RB]

eye, gaze [JV]

eye, sight, vision, visual, visual faculty 2) hole [RY]