mngon byang gi sku

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This is the RYI Dictionary content as presented on the site, which is being changed fundamentally and will become hard to use within the GoldenDict application. If you are using GoldenDict, please either download and import the rydic2003 file from DigitalTibetan.

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awakened/ enlightened body, the body of awakening GD [IW]

the body of awakening [RY]

the kaya of the manifestation of enlightenment [IW]

the kaya of the manifestation of enlightenment [sku lnga'i ya gyal zhig sku bzhi rig pa'i ye shes la lhun gyis rdzogs pas chos sku las ma ga-yos bzhin du gdul bya'i las dang mthun par sna chogs su snang ba ste, sngags rnying ma'i bzhed pa'o,.. [IW]