mthong ba

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to consider rang thams cad mkhyen par mthong ba he considers himself omniscient [RY]

1) to see, perceive; 2) appearance, vision, sight, seeing, insight, insight into. mthong ba, mthong ba, mthong ba intr. v [RY]

came upon [RY]

see, notice, recognize, peruse, view, look, perceive, behold any object, witness, observe, experience, endure, perception by inference, actual sight by personal observation, sight, to identify, to believe, to discover [JV]

seeing, perceiving, insight [into], vision 1.(Tha mi dad pa) rig pa, appearance; 2) consideration for Rtsis mthong,...Mi'i bsam 'char mthong med du ma 'jog [IW]

to observe [RY]

to see/ perceive; isc. to realize [RB]