mya ngan las 'das pa

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nirvana [JV]

transcendence of suffering [thd]

transcendence of sorrow/ nirvana [RB]

nirvana, perfect peace [RY]

Nirvana, transcendence of sorrow, nirvana, having been delivered from pain, nirvana, [gone beyond misery]. transcendence, to pass into nirvana, passed into nirvana. Buddhahood. mya ngan gnyis, nyang 'das gnyis. Syn sangs rgyas nirvana, having entered nirvana, cessation of suffering, the offer, side of suffering, nirvana [RY]

Nirvana, transcendence, peace, having been delivered from pain, gone beyond misery, pass into nirvana, attain buddhahood, die [h] [IW]

Nirvana. The extinguishing of the causes for samsaric existence. The lesser nirvana refers to the liberation from cyclic existence attained by a Hinayana practitioner. When referring to a buddha, 'nirvana' is the great non-dwelling state of enlightenment which falls neither into the extreme of samsaric existence nor into the passive state of cessation attained by an arhat [RY]

Nirvāṇa [Erick Tsiknopoulos]