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nitartha, (certain, definitive, real, absolute, true, direct) meaning, ultimate (aim, truth), certain and true import, immediate or absolute knowledge of the truth, positive (order, instruction), sense or spirit of an expression or word, real sense, ultimate meaning, fundamental meaning, definitive meaning, concerning the definitive meaning [JV]

nges pa'i don definitive meaning. real meaning, the supreme consummation, real sense, absolute truth, ultimate meaning, nitartha; truth. See also drang don [RY]

definitive/ real/ true meaning, supreme consummation, real sense, absolute truth [tserig]. gdul bya khyad par can rnams kyi ngor, chos thams cad kyi chos nyid skye 'gag sogs spros pa dang bral ba'i don zab mo stong pa nyid dang, dngos po gshis kyi gnas lugs rang bzhin gyis 'od gsal zhing smra bsam brjod pa thams cad las 'das pa'i don ston pa rnams dang, de ston byed gsung rab dgongs 'grel dang bcas pa'o [IW]

definitive/ real/ true meaning, supreme consummation, real sense, absolute truth [IW]

definitive meaning/ truth/ significance [RB]

True meaning. The definitive meaning as opposed to the expedient or relative meaning. The teachings of Prajnaparamita and the Middle Way. In his Treasury of Knowledge, Jamg�n Kongtr�l the Great defines the true /definitive meaning in the following way: The topics taught to exceptional disciples that the nature of all phenomena is profound emptiness devoid of constructs such as arising and ceasing, and, that the innate real condition of things is by nature luminous wakefulness and lies beyond words, thoughts and description. Moreover, it is the words of the Buddha expounding this meaning as well as the commentaries upon them [RY]